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St. Hildegard’s Journey Through The Senses

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A Traveling Exhibit

With nature’s help, humankind can set into creation all that is necessary and life sustaining.

-St. Hildegard of Bingen

I created St. Hildegard’s Journey Through The Senses: A Traveling Exhibit so that you could experience St. Hildegard of Bingen’s world on a sensory level and “feel” the living light that came through her. I commissioned artists to create pieces that embody the beauty, warmth, and power that is the life and work of St. Hildegard of Bingen.

In the exhibit you will find banners, calligraphy, stained glass, models, charcoal drawings, antique maps, wax tablets, and paintings. Some of St. Hildegard’s healing remedies, including her heart wine and nerve cookies, are available for you to sample as you journey through the museum. You can also smell and touch some of the herbs Hildegard used in her healing remedies.


Here is a Taste of the Exhibit

1) Stained Glass: St. Hildegard being given to Jutta

Hildegard being given to Juta stained glassAt the age of fourteen, St. Hildegard was given to Jutta of Sponheim for education by her parents. From then on St. Hildegard lived with Jutta in a cell, adjoining the Benedictine Monastery of Disibodenberg.

This piece of stained glass is a replica of a stained glass window in the St. Gordianus and Epimachus Church in Bingen and shows Hildegard being “given” to Jutta by her parents.

2) Model of Rupertsberg

Rupertsberg exhibit modelYou know when St. Hildegard
moved to secede
From the Abbey of St. Disibod
she had a great need,
To set up her sisters
in their own community,
To create her own Abbey.
The monks said, “Calamity.”

St. Hildegard said,
“This was not my idea,
It is a Vision from God
to perform this miracle here.”
Abbot Kuno and the monks
ardently objected.
They conspired against her, yes,
by some she was even hated.

I certainly can understand the monks’ resistance,
If St. Hildegard and her sisters left,
so did most of the monks’ financial assistance,
But God had shown Hildegard the Hill by the Rhine.
God had shown her the sight for the Work of the Divine.

Nothing would stand in the way of st. Hildegard and her nuns.
God was calling them to soar all the way to the Sun.
They built Rupertsberg and manifested the Power of the Living Light.
They built Rupertsberg and manifested the Fire of Love and Delight.

3) St. Hildegard’s Medicine Cabinet

Hildegard Medicine ChestMany of Hildegard’s remedies are common herbs, like fennel, parsley, and nettles, which can be found almost everywhere. She often gives simple home or kitchen remedies, like parsley wine.

As such, her prescriptions can be used for many general conditions as part of self-healing and family care without the need for more sophisticated diagnoses. Most of Hildegard’s remedies are easy to prepare
and consist of few ingredients.
--David Frawley, Hildegard’s Medicine

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